Shaping a sustainable future in consumer packaged goods

AVEVA's breadth of capabilities for digital manufacturing enable you to create and sustain value for your business. Leverage cloud or hybrid architecture and flexible subscription options to transform faster, reduce costs, and easily scale up and down in response to dynamic economic conditions. Along your journey, AVEVA capabilities can be deployed at the plant level for quick wins or as an enterprise-wide program across multiple plants.

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Accelerate digital transformation in your consumer packaged goods enterprise

At the corporate level, the top priorities for digital manufacturing in the post-pandemic environment are focused on enabling supply chain agility, sustainability, and ensuring work process standards across multiple sites.

Drive sustainability
Enable agility
Ensure standards
Enterprise Level

Accelerate digital transformation in your consumer packaged goods plant

At the plant level, efficiency through continuous improvement remains a top priority, enabled by improving workforce productivity, product quality and safety, and asset reliability.

Improve productivity
Ensure quality
Improve reliability
Plant Level

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